Quality Assurance Program
Quality and performance are much more than compliance to contract requirements. Competitive Innovations’ quality program provides controls by quality personnel who report through defined and independent reporting channels from project operations staff. The Competitive Innovations Quality Management Program (QMP) will apply to all contracts/projects and to all team subcontractors. Our QMP is fully compliant with all of the Navy’s QC policies and procedures and meets or exceeds all the requirements of the Naval Facilities Guide Specifications (NFGS) 01450J, Quality Control.

For each Task Order contract, Competitive Innovations will develop and implement a Quality Control Plan (QCP) which identifies the roles and responsibilities of our employees and defines how we will ensure that accurate, timely and quality deliverables, processes, products and services are provided. Key activities of our QCPs are highlighted below.
  • Competitive Innovations managers perform formal corporate reviews (staff meetings/conference calls) to ensure that customer standards are met. We evaluate what went right, what went wrong and what could be improved. 
  • Proactive, coordinated planning and ongoing communication is conducted with our customers.
  • Ongoing peer reviews are conducted to address potential programmatic, management and logistical issues.
  • Technical reviews, audits, structured walk-throughs and editorial reviews are conducted as appropriate.
  • We gather metrics, perform analyses and utilize Corrective Action Requests and Preventive Action Requests (CARs/PARs).

Our QCPs will include: inspection systems to be used, development of metrics for measuring performance objective accomplishment, procedures for handling performance quality issues, and procedures to identify, prevent and ensure non-recurrence of defective services. Upon Task Order award, we will collaborate with the Government to validate, tailor and finalize deliverables, metrics and schedules.

Integration of QC into the planning stage and program reviews allows early identification of risks to the entire project team, and allows development of a mitigation plan rather than simply responding to immediate issues. Risk identification includes ensuring that skilled experienced personnel are assigned for specific tasks, qualified subcontractors are in place, and task specific plans are prepared and communicated to all project team members so that the goals and objectives are clearly understood. Competitive Innovations’ integration of quality practices into all phases of work allows ready implementation of innovative practices. 

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