Organizations are generating data faster than at any time in history. All of this data has tremendous value which can make your organization more productive and faster to respond to change.

Leverage your data to become more efficient and effective

No matter where your data lives, we can surface business intelligence through Microsoft Power BI. We leverage this industry-leading platform to give you the information you are missing in order to improve your organization's outcomes.
  • Transform data into visuals that allow fast recognition of business trends.
  • Aggregate data from any source into one location where data can be modeled and analyzed.
  • Share interactive reports through Power BI.

HR and Resource Management

Get the Most Out of People

Are your employees and contractors working to their full potential? Are they performing better than their peers? We can help find the data sources that might surface the best and worst of your resources. If tracking has been a struggle in the past, we can help create tracking tools across your organization. Leverage Power BI reporting to define internal processes and resource utilizations making your organization more efficient.

Data Utilization and Flow

Check the Flow of Data and Files

When Data moves through email, file transfer, and networks we can track the flow of information around your organization. Do you need to know what information is accessed the most, and who is accessing it? What about checking your server or database utilization against each business role? Need to see how many emails go through Exchange or Office 365? All of these reports can help determine how your IT infrastructure is being utilized.

Process Efficiencies

Process Improvement Based on Business Intelligence

Every organization defines processes to create successful outcomes. Creating Business Intelligence Key Performance Indicators around each process surfaces insights that grade the success of the process. Without the ability to view the underlying data in easy-to-read reports, you will not know when a process might be failing, or where the process needs improvement. We leverage the Power BI platform to collect data wherever it lives and determine where efficiency opportunities exist.

Safeguard The Future

Move to Predictive Models

Most analysis projects start with data modeling, but without a model you might be missing vital information and insight. Utilizing a long-term collection strategy we can protect the future.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions create a complete method to centralize your vital Business Intelligence assets. With Data Warehousing, Data Lake or other Azure solutions, we aggregate key data for later analysis. AI and Machine learning can also be leveraged to identify where opportunities exist.


Keep your data on-premises where you control the security and integrity of your information. Design, publish, view and share all in-network.


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