Comprehensive Offerings for Modern Challenges


Digital Modernization Simplified

Our Solutions suite provides an array of offerings tailored to meet the dynamic needs of today’s enterprises, spanning from cutting-edge Cyber-IT solutions to Mission & Program Support. Dive into our specialized categories and discover how CI can pave the way for your organization’s success.

Cyber & Information Technology

CI’s Cyber-IT solutions are at the forefront of defending and securing digital assets. We’ve got you covered, from proactive defense measures to critical response strategies.

Empowering Secure Innovations

Incidence Response

Rapid response and recovery from cybersecurity breaches.

High-Value Asset

Safeguarding your most essential digital assets.

Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

Unlock insights to fortify your defenses.

Cyber Hunt

Proactive pursuit of hidden threats within your systems.

Penetration Testing

Ethically exploit vulnerabilities to strengthen security.

Digital Transformation | Cloud

Steer your organization into the future with our Digital Transformation solutions. From cloud-based innovations to artificial intelligence integrations, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology.

Harness the Power

Website Modernization

Upgrade and optimize for today's digital audience.

Process Automation

Automate workflows and harness AI's potential.

Mission & Program Support

With our Mission & Program Support, CI offers the expertise and tools you need to streamline processes, manage projects, and upskill your team.

Strategic Alignment & Expertise


Customizable training solutions for organizational growth.


Expert insights and strategies tailored to your challenges.


Comprehensive staffing solutions across various disciplines.

Program/Project Management

Efficient oversight and management of your key projects.

Acquisition Support

Expert guidance on government procurement processes.

Microsoft Solutions

CI stands ready to assist you in implementing Microsoft solutions that help your organization reduce costs, enhance collaboration, strengthen your security posture and improve compliance.

Experienced Microsoft Solution Provider


Leverage Microsoft's cloud computing service for a range of applications.

Power Platform Solutions

Empower teams with tools to create custom solutions.

Microsoft 365

Optimize collaboration with Microsoft's suite of productivity tools.

Your Path to Progress

Navigating Tomorrow's Challenges with CI

With Competitive Innovations™, you’re not just adopting solutions but partnering in a continuous evolution and improvement journey. Our array of services is designed to give you the competitive edge, today and tomorrow.