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Government and Regulated Industry Support Services

Competitive Innovations specializes in delivering a complete range of support services tailored to the unique mission requirements of federal and state agencies and regulated industries. With our personnel currently performing critical duties across several federal agencies, we offer specialized services aligned with the highest standards of excellence. Our services are readily available via our GSA Professional Services Schedule, ensuring seamless integration and compliance with governmental needs.


Elevate Operations with Expertise On-Demand

Information Technology

Elevate your tech-driven operations with IT professionals versed in diverse platforms and cutting-edge solutions. Our IT personnel are trained in the latest technologies and methodologies, ensuring your technological initiatives are innovative and efficient.

Project and Program Management

Navigate your initiatives seamlessly with seasoned project managers and coordinators at the helm. Our team offers strategic insights and meticulous planning, ensuring that your projects remain on track, within budget, and are executed to perfection.

Administrative Support

Optimize daily tasks with committed administrative experts who bring precision and efficiency. From data management to schedule coordination, our administrative staff is the backbone that ensures your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Legal and Compliance

Safeguard your agency’s actions by teaming up with authorities in legal matters and stringent regulatory compliance. Our experts stay updated with the ever-evolving legal landscape, ensuring that your operations adhere to the latest regulations and best practices.

Healthcare Services

Advance your healthcare operations with specialized IT professionals attuned to the unique demands of the medical field. From implementing electronic health records to optimizing patient data analytics, our experts ensure that your healthcare systems are efficient, secure, and patient-centric, driving operational excellence and enhanced patient experiences.

Information Security Operations

We offer robust information security operations designed to safeguard sensitive data and digital assets. Our experienced professionals are equipped to provide comprehensive security solutions, including threat monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and risk mitigation strategies.

Knowledge Worker Solutions

CI’s Knowledge Worker Solutions encompass a wide array of services tailored to support the information needs of your agency. From data management to collaborative platforms, we provide the tools and expertise to enhance knowledge sharing, decision-making, and organizational efficiency.

Access Control Support

Secure access control is crucial to protecting physical and digital assets. We offer specialized support in implementing and maintaining access control systems that align with federal standards, providing controlled, secure access to facilities, networks, and information systems.

Physical Security Support

Our physical security support services are designed to protect the integrity of your facilities and assets. Utilizing the latest technologies and best practices, we provide comprehensive solutions that include surveillance, alarm systems, security patrols, and more.

Visitor Registration/Control Support

Effective visitor management is essential for maintaining security and compliance. We offer tailored visitor registration and control support services that streamline the visitor experience while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and security protocols.

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Your mission drives our commitment. At Competitive Innovations™, we stand ready to support your federal agency with the experienced support services essential to achieving your objectives. Contact us today to explore how we can align our services with your mission’s unique needs and goals. Together, we can ensure security, efficiency, and success.